Will the Dark Knight ever see the light of day again?

Much like the other prope

Source: Forbes

rties in the DCEU “The Batman” has faced its fair share of issues.


With Ben Affleck stepping down as the director earlier this year after previously saying he would only do it if the script was right, now a new report from Forbes is stating that whoever takes the helm of The Batman is not tied down to Ben Affleck and Geoff John’s original script.

In my opinion, it could be argued that if the studio steps in further with a rehaul of the script as we previously saw with Suicide Squad, then Affleck may choose to bow out from the DC universe altogether.

Affleck is only contracted for three movies according to William Morris Endeavor’s Patrick Whitesell. These include Batman vs Superman and the two upcoming Justice League films.

Affleck has already expressed his weariness when it comes to the scrutiny he has faced while The Batman has been in development. If his script is not picked up or any rewrites happen then he could walk away and let go of the pressure.

Is it too early to start fan casting for a possible replacement?

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