Thor: Ragnarok Drops with a BANG!


We were expecting the Thor: Ragnarok trailer to drop any day now and boy did it drop.
Obviously, the MCU couldn’t allow the DCEU to not only steal one of their pioneering directors but also announce said director will be at the helm of a stand alone Bat Girl movie. So they released what I would say is the best trailer of the comic book genre.
I literally could not contain my excitement from the opening shot to the final shot.
I basically screamed the house down.

I would never have imagined that I would see a Ragnarok/ planet Hulk mashup in my lifetime and I can’t pretend I’m not salivating at the thought of the fight scenes in the upcoming feature film.
It was everything you would want in a teaser trailer, fast paced, world building, quippy and action packed.
It seems like they might finally get Thor right seeing as the last 2 film left me wanting more.
I’m also excited to see the badass females that are in this film, something Thor has really been missing. I mean I didn’t mind Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster but she never really added anything apart from being the tired damsel in distress.
Cate Blanchet looked freaking insane as Hella and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie – JUST GIVE IT TO ME NOW AND TAKE MY MONEY DAMMIT!!

I do hope that Marvel will keep the teasers to a minimum and learn from Warner Brothers. Don’t shoot your entire load in one trailer, hold those cards close to your chest.

But regardless November can’t get here any quicker!

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