Are the Oscars still relevant?

Source: HuffingtonPost

Recently it seems that a lot of award shows have come under fire for not awarding the films which the movie going audience related to.

It has always been conceded that while the Oscars may not award the biggest and most watched films of the year, they do award films that would not normally be seen by Joe Blogs unless they received the Oscar nod.

But in all honesty, after the awards do we even remember who won or was even in the running? You can guess Meryl Streep because chances are if she’s been in a movie in that year she’ll be nominated. But for the most part, these films seem to just fade away into the ether as we look forward to the blockbusters and comedies that larger audiences prefer because ultimately films are meant for escape and the issues that are being dealt with in most of the Oscar contenders can be soul crushing.

While I do think that the Oscars hold merit because more people are inclined to see movies that tell real and important stories, I don’t really see their importance in the broader sense. Regardless of who wins or loses, it seems the recognition is the most important in selling those tickets which can be difficult at to do at the beginning or end of the year.


  1. However, those who are film makers may not be attending view parties or hosting their own, reasons being the Oscar just might not be relevant to those on the independent side of the industry.

  2. I don’t think so. The fact that the films that I found fresh and excellently executed are still nominated in these big categories means that ultimately the Oscars has some sense of the valuable diverse tastes of movie-goers.

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